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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grateful Reality...

It is funny how life can change so dramatically. Where you are faced with an ultimatum, and you have to sacrifice something. I love my hobbies, and that involves making jewelry, and photography. I am, and will always be infatuated with the unseen beauty. The passion I have is strong, however it is not my career. So now I am forced to find balance, within time, within a job that entails a lot of work and diligence... But all this diligence before were aimed towards Black and Olive, it still is… I am going to try my dearest to post more often, considering that school has started up again, with starting a new job, it is slightly difficult. Time, seize to exist, there are days when I forget the actually day, I yearn for night just so I can feel my bed again… However, it feels great to be busy again, so I am grateful. 


  1. Love this post, goodluck with your new job! x

  2. You take some sick shots girl. Maybe you should start considering it a career move in the nearest future. Good luck with everything.
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  3. Congrats and good luck with your new job. You have the best eye for photos!

  4. I love your photography! I was actually wondering how you get that vintage look. Is it a filter?